We're proud of our achievements, and equally proud of the contribution we make.

The lasting success of our business is dependent on creating value for all our stakeholders; our staff, our supply chain, our customers and the communities we work in. Building a sustainable framework creates mutual benefit. As we provide opportunity to develop skills, our capabilities are enhanced. As we support suppliers, our quality of service improves. As we help our customers achieve their own commitments, their commitment to us is reinforced. And as our company continues to thrive, we will continue to contribute.

"After more than 20 years in business, our greatest priority is the next 20 years."

Steve Devlin, Managing Director

A Responsible Business

The MD Group is a responsible organisation. We understand that behaving as a good company is critical to our reputation and future success. We’re committed to dealing with all our stakeholders decently and honestly, and to maintaining the highest ethical standards across all our activities. We communicate our policies, strategies, targets, performance and governance openly, listening carefully to the feedback we receive. We deliver work as specified. We never artificially under price our bids. We keep our promises and stick to our word.

Financial Responsibility 

The MD Group is a mature, commercially disciplined business with strong and experienced fiscal governance. The company is appropriately financed to meet the requirements of higher value public sector contracts, while continuing to invest in our systems, process, equipment and people.

Sustainable Development

Our ambition is to ensure outstanding business performance while minimising and effectively managing risk; achieving growth in a predictable, sustainable fashion. This is only possible if we deliver value to all our stakeholders in a socially responsible way. 

By securing the future of our own company, we also provide stability for those who rely on us; employees, suppliers, customers and ultimately the communities we’re a part of. The lasting success of our business provides long term value for all.

Delivering sustainable growth requires:

  • Clear direction and strong leadership
  • Customer focus
  • Respect for people and their communities
  • Openness and integrity
  • Commitment to value
  • Collaborative working relationships

Investing in our People

Attracting and retaining talented staff at all levels is a critical factor in the continued success of our business. We’re committed to the development of our employees, their skills and careers. We invest in training to grow our capabilities and improve our services. We provide structured career paths from apprentice to senior management and work with local partners to help realise the potential of local people. We have developed an open, inclusive and mutually supportive culture that encourages loyalty and reduces the risk of losing high performing individuals.

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