We help make the communities we work in places where people are proud to live.

We’re committed to helping to build and maintain strong, vibrant communities; not least because so many of us live in these communities ourselves. We do this by maintaining over 120,000 homes in the affordable housing sector every year, by taking an active role the communities where we operate, and by supporting the local economy through employment, skills and learning and investment in local supply chains. 

Homes not houses

The best way to measure our performance is the level of satisfaction our services inspire. That means a lot more than just the quality of our work. It’s about how well we integrate with the community and the lasting relationships we build.


An open dialogue with residents is critical. Our experienced Resident Liaison Officers are the key points of contact with the community, connecting residents with our services, and working closely with our customers’ housing teams. They’re involved in every project, from initial planning to assessment, gathering feedback and keeping residents informed. On site communication is essential too. Site and project managers provide an additional channel for all those whose routines are affected by our work.


Working in people’s homes is a great responsibility. All our tradespeople are DBSchecked and receive comprehensive customer care training. They’ll arrive at the agreed time, in MD Group vehicles, wearing branded uniforms and present identification before entering any property. They understand the need to minimise noise and disruption, and to keep work areas clean and safe. They provide a responsible, reliable service and treat residents, and their homes, with respect.


Developing resident profiles allows us to identify individual needs and adjust project plans accordingly, like taking into account school runs or shift working hours. It also means we’re proactive in identifying vulnerable residents, and can work with our customers to put safeguards in place, from prioritising visits and making sure a friend or local authority support officer is present while we work, to arranging temporary accommodation until the work is complete.

Community Engagement

We are active participants in the communities where we operate and aim to make a positive impact beyond the immediate value of our work. As part of that commitment we host regular events like residents’ drop ins, coffee mornings and lunches; sharing information, inviting feedback and helping to build local relationships. Our handyman services offer a quick fix for day-to-day repairs, and in partnership with our customers we coordinate simple skills training, like DIY workshops, and liaise with local schools and colleges to arrange work experience. We support a number of social enterprise schemes and are involved in local charitable causes and events.

Investing Locally

We place great importance on building sustainable relationships that have a positive influence on local communities and those who live in them.

Local Skills

The vast majority of our directly employed workforce live in or close by the communities they work in. As well as the practical benefits of faster response and reduced travel times, we’re creating new career opportunities, backed with skills training to create long-term social value. 

Local Partners

We favour local sub-contractor partners that offer local experience and knowledge. They have a greater vested interest in quality delivery, and can also take advantage of our own local supplier agreements. It’s a way we combine community benefit with direct customer value. 

Local Materials

Wherever possible we support the local economy in our purchasing decisions by sourcing supplies from local independent businesses. Our preferred supplier agreements are commonly extended beyond the immediate contract to our customers and their residents.


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