Effective IT is at the heart of our delivery and administrative model.

Technology improves our performance by streamlining the way we work with our customers and their residents. 

Central to our infrastructure is Oneserve, a comprehensive, cloud-based, works management system. It allows real-time communication with frontline staff, and the GPS tracking installed in our vehicles. We use the platform to diagnose, schedule and manage repairs and maintenance work, and provide a pool of information to help manage progress and performance; Oneserve integrates with all leading housing management systems to provide our clients with real time information directly to their own systems.

Onserve supports a range of processes at every project stage, accessible to our customers via a secure data link.

More efficient scheduling

Oneserve helps us coordinate work and resources intelligently, scheduling the right tradesperson, with right skills and materials, to ensure fixed first time delivery. It allows us to respond swiftly to emergencies, or, for less urgent repairs, in a way that maximises convenience for residents.

Information on the move

All staff carry 4G mobile devices, meaning they can receive, and send, real time information, improving workflow efficiency. As well as accessing property and work order data, site teams can photograph and share progress, report issues and variances, to enable faster, more effective decision-making.

Direct data access for our customers

Oneserve is a proven platform that integrates seamlessly with customer property maintenance and management systems. It provides a secure framework for the entire work order to invoice process. Typically all project-related information can be accessed by customer staff via a secure web portal, which is automatically updated in real time. The result is a more transparent relationship and more efficient ways of working.

Streamlined process and administration

Our customers can create a work order directly into Oneserve from their own IT systems. All orders are logged, generating a unique ID linked to the property record. Individual jobs are raised for each tradesperson and a workflow dashboard allows us to monitor the status of all work in progress.

We’re able to track all work-related costs instantly, including resource, time to complete, materials and plant, plus any approved variations. Onserve interrogates the data to produce accurate invoicing schedules in a variety of formats.

Improved resident experience

Thanks to Oneserve, we can offer residents timed appointments and deploy the nearest appropriate tradesperson to carry out work. When an appointment is agreed, we confirm by text or email. And as the appointment draws near, we can text a reminder, reducing access issues and allowing the resident to rearrange if necessary.

Smart analytics for richer insights

Oneserve analytics measures performance and automates reporting, including key KPIs like first time fix percentage, end-to-end times, appointments made, no access volumes, resident satisfaction and feedback. Tailored reporting can track asset effectiveness, helping forecast average asset life expectancy and the associated whole life cost.



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