Effective IT is at the heart of our delivery and administrative model.

Technology improves our performance by streamlining the way we work with our clients, their customers and our supply chain.

Central to our infrastructure is Oneserve, a cloud-based, job management system that provides a seamless service from when the customer reports the repair through to invoicing, KPI measurement and data analysis. Oneserve synchronises with GPS-enabled smartphone technology to provide real-time job updates, providing complete visibility of all tradesperson activity.

We use the platform to diagnose, schedule and manage repairs and maintenance work, to provide meaningful data to produce performance information and for analysis to ensure continual improvement.

More efficient scheduling

Oneserve maximises the opportunity to fix repairs at the first visit, by intelligently scheduling the tradesperson with the right skills, the right materials, and in the nearest location, to attend the repair. It allows us to respond swiftly to emergencies, or, for less urgent repairs, in a way that maximises convenience for residents.

Information on the move

Staff carry 5G smartphones to access Oneserve Mobile on the move, meaning they can receive work orders digitally, and send back real-time updates as each job progresses. Oneserve Mobile requires mandatory completion of dynamic risk assessments before any job can commence and it stores ‘before and after’ photos of every job. It provides access to customer, property, and work order data, helping us provide a service tailored to individual customer requirements. 

Improved customer communication

Oneserve provides customers with timed appointment slots. Each time an appointment is made, it is confirmed within minutes by text message. As the appointment draws nearer, Oneserve sends a 24-hour reminder text, and the tradesperson phones the customer when they are on their way to let them know their estimated time of arrival. All messages are two-way, allowing the customer to cancel or amend the appointment, reducing access issues.

Real time tradesperson visibility

Oneserve uses ‘Localz’ software to provide customers with real time visibility of the tradesperson’s location on a live map. It provides estimated time of arrival, a countdown to arrival timer and automatically notifies the customer when the tradesperson is five minutes away. This significantly increases access and allows the customer to pop out without worrying about missing us.

Interfacing with client systems

Oneserve interfaces with all leading client housing management systems. For example, we’ve built full system interfaces between Oneserve and Aareon QL, ROCC, Northgate and OPENHousing. We work with our clients to develop API (Application Programming Interface) file transfers, which means systems can talk to each other in real-time, removing the requirement to move data manually - such as real-time job progress updates, variation management and documentation. It is accessible to our customers via a secure data link. The result is a more transparent relationship and more efficient ways of working.

Open book accounting

Oneserve integrates with our accounting system, Sage 200, providing the tools to operate true Open Book Accounting, providing our clients with complete transparency of line-by-line cost data.

Streamlined process and administration

Our clients can create a work order directly into Oneserve from their own IT systems. All orders are logged, generating a unique ID linked to the property record. Individual jobs are raised for each tradesperson and a workflow dashboard allows us to monitor the status of all work in progress.

We’re able to track all work-related costs instantly, including resource, time to complete, materials and plant, plus any approved variations. Oneserve interrogates the data to produce accurate invoicing schedules in a variety of formats.

Smart analytics for richer insights

Oneserve analytics measures performance and automates reporting, including generating key KPIs like first time fix percentage, end-to-end times, appointments made, no access volumes, resident satisfaction and feedback. Tailored reporting can track asset effectiveness, helping forecast average asset life expectancy and the associated whole life cost.



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