Effective supply chain management unites project teams to achieve more.

Our reputation stands or falls on the quality of our supply chain. As a result, a core strategic aim is to build strong, long-term relationships with key suppliers and sub-contractors and to integrate them closely with our business. This means not only ensuring their standards meet the expectations of our customers, but also that they reflect our broader policies, values and culture.

Our approach is to support local partners, particularly smaller businesses, wherever possible, combined with relationships with national suppliers that offer specialist capabilities or significant bulk purchase savings that we can pass on to our customers.  

Sub-contractor relationships

While the majority of our workforce will always be directly employed, sub-contractor partners fit seamlessly into our delivery framework. All sub-contracted staff undergo full training, adhere to the same policies and codes of conduct, adopt shared processes and meet the qualifications of our own employees. They participate in the same partnering meetings. They wear MD Group uniforms and connect to our Oneserve infrastructure via identical mobile devices. 

Although residents won’t know the difference, we’re entirely transparent with our customers and always ensure they’re satisfied with sub-contracting appointments. We define cost and quality measures and regularly assess performance in combination with the customer team.

We actively seek partners whose sustainability standards are aligned to our own and consider environmental impact as part of our assessment criteria. We favour local partners that bring local experience and knowledge. They can also take advantage of our own local supplier agreements. It’s a way we combine community benefit with direct customer value.

Preferred suppliers

We have preferred supplier agreements for many key resources, including materials, vehicles, waste management, plant and clothing. These are predominantly local to each contract. Preferred status offers mutual benefit, ensuring that our trading relationships are cost competitive. In many cases these terms are also extended to our customers and their residents.

Working in collaboration

A critical benefit of long standing supply chain relationships is a closer, more collaborative way of working; providing our customers with outstanding service throughout every project. We act with openness and integrity. We seek suppliers’ views and experience, and share innovative thinking. We act as a single team and in some instances even choose to co-locate for the duration of a contract.

of supply chain members are satisfied with their relationship with The MD Group
Hours spent on supply chain training annually.

New Partners

We're always looking for new partners to add breadth and experience to our team. If you'd like to learn more, please contact your local MD Group office.


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