We’re continuously exploring new ways to improve efficiency while enhancing performance.

In the face of rising expectation and tighter financial constraints, our customers face a growing paradox that calls for more resourceful and innovative thinking. Of course this includes the application of new technologies, but often it’s fresh ideas that have the greatest impact. We take a holistic view of innovation, across product, system, people, process, customer and supplier relationships.

Driving customer value

In a more-for-less environment, optimising value for our customers means rethinking the operating model. Regular review meetings are a forum for innovation. They’ve led to direct delivery of trades that traditionally sub-contract. We’ve pioneered skills and resource sharing across customers in close proximity. We’ve co-located in customer and supply chain premises, introduced new approaches to void management that have cut turn around times in half, and given customers direct access to our scheduling systems to streamline responsive repairs.

This collaborative approach extends to our supply partners. In addition to knowledge sharing and training, we routinely create joint community initiatives, and extend our own procurement arrangements to sub-contractors, customers and their residents. 

New technologies

We continue to invest in IT and systems infrastructure. Mobile working supports real-time information flow between operational management, teams on site and our customers. Trades teams now have immediate access to site and project plans. Customers get a clear view of progress, including up to the minute imagery where unexpected challenges emerge, or simply as proof of work successfully completed. 

Resident support

Technology also improves resident experiences. Advanced resource scheduling allows us to respond faster to emergencies, and offer residents more convenient, confirmed, appointment times, while text reminders reduce missed appointments. 

Community handyman services are a flexible, local solution. DIY workshops help residents carry out minor repairs themselves. Innovations such as resident and property profiling and home MOTs improve works planning and curtail future repairs.

Renewable energy solutions

Renewables are themselves an innovation. We offer a wide range of expertise to help reduce fuel consumption and drive down energy costs.

But renewable solutions can imply a high initial investment. Our unique funding model covers the cost of equipment and installation, meaning there’s no initial capital investment. Customers lease their solution over a period of 20 years, in an agreement that also includes service and maintenance. Residents pay less for their energy.

Innovation in action

  • Combining a customer and contractor role with LiveWest Housing reduced costs and improved the efficiency and effectiveness of Void Services.
  • Direct access to our Oneserve system means SOHA customer service advisors can make appointments with residents on first contact, removing duplication, driving value and improving resident satisfaction.
  • Our specialist electrical and gas teams now provide audit results and certification instantly on site via tablets.


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