We promote safe working practice in a safe work environment.

We recognise our responsibility for the safety and welfare of all employees at work, as well as anyone affected by our activities. We take that responsibility to heart, building best practice into project planning, process, training and reporting. 

Our approach to Health & Safety management is accredited to CHAS, Safe Contractor and Constructionline standards. We set clear targets, and as an independent measure of assurance, work with Safetyform to audit all sites.

Safety at work

Health & Safety in the workplace starts with a comprehensive risk assessment completed as part of the planning phase of every project. We ensure adequate control measures are in force to pre-define specific working guidelines. Larger, planned projects demand a specific Health & Safety Plan, with a detailed induction delivered on the first day of work. For Repairs and Maintenance work, advice and guidelines are accessible alongside property information via employees’ smartphones. 

On site we maintain safe working environments, machinery and equipment and implement safe systems of work. All tradespeople are issued with appropriate personal protective equipment, with trained First Aiders part of every team. All sites are adequately signed with statutory notices displayed.

Regular site inspections by our contract and safety teams assess Health & Safety performance. Reports are reviewed to ensure that after any incident lessons are learnt and improved measures implemented.

Training our teams

A successful safety system relies on behaviour as much as on policy. That means ensuring everyone that works for, or with us, understands which guidelines to follow and why following them matters. 

Starting with an initial two-day company induction, our comprehensive Health & Safety training stresses individual responsibility. We provide guidance on the safe use, handling, storage and transport of tools, equipment, plant and substances. The importance of safe working practice is clearly communicated and then consistently reinforced through regular, on site, toolbox talks, addressing practical application. All staff receive mandatory annual training specific to their role and any change to relevant regulations triggers a refresh course.

We’re committed to continual investment in time, resource, and product to ensure all our employees have a deep understanding of the Health and Safety considerations associated with their role.

Health & Safety Governance

Overall responsibility for Health & Safety lies with the Board of Directors, advised by our in-house SHEQ team and third-party consultant, Safetyform. In turn, policy management and training programmes are overseen by the Head of Quality, Safety, Health & Environment. Performance monitoring is systematic, an essential component of every quarterly and annual review.

At site level, experienced managers are responsible for the organisation and monitoring of safety and welfare practice and ensuring a safe working environment. All managers receive IOSH Managing Safely training. 

Our tradespeople, all CSCS cardholders, are fully aware of their responsibilities for their own health and welfare, for those they work with, and all others affected by their work. 

Health & Safety Principles

  • Clear standards and guidelines recorded in regularly updated Health & Safety policies
  • Effective company-wide communication of requirements and responsibilities
  • Comprehensive training for all employees, complemented by accessible information and frequent learning updates
  • Implementation of best practices to ensure safe working environments
  • Independent performance monitoring to drive continuous improvement
  • A robust and appropriate governance structure, supported by adequate investment
For more information, read the latest edition of our Health & Safety Policy.


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