It's not just what we do, it's how we do it that sets us apart.

We deliver or else. Every aspect of our business has been engineered to enable outstanding service delivery. We recruit skilled, committed people and invest in their development. We encourage ownership and individual accountability. Our processes support high quality, cost effective workmanship, driven by the latest technology. We set challenging targets, and benchmark continuous improvement against them. We cultivate innovation. We foster a culture and environment where everyone takes pride in their work.


Right Skills

Our multi-skilled tradespeople are fully qualified to complete a broad range of repairs and maintenance work, with specialist support on hand as required.

Right Materials

All our vans carry a comprehensive stock of tools and materials appropriate to the daily work schedule, removing delays caused by return visits.

Right Time

Intelligent schedule management allows us to respond swiftly to emergencies, or, for less urgent work, at a time that’s convenient for residents.

2.8% under budget

We've consistently delivered our open book response and void contracts inside budgets for over two years.

Delivered as Specified

We recognise many of our customers are facing increased financial constraints. It’s our responsibility to manage budgets honestly and efficiently to help them maintain service quality despite these challenges. We understand the importance of predictability. Our delivered as specified policy means we work only to the work order issued. If work doesn’t need doing, we don’t do it. If we identify additional repairs that could save long-term costs, we let our customer know while we’re actually at the property, and won’t proceed without their approval. We pride ourselves on being responsible commercial managers. We monitor all spend and report regularly, providing accurate forecasts to help inform customer spend and cash management.

You Can Rely on Us

  • Over 200 directly employed specialists across a comprehensive range of trade skills and disciplines.
  • Integrated process management to deliver consistent first time fixed performance for every customer.
  • A commitment to excellence that means average resident satisfaction rates over 90%.
  • The proven experience of delivering over 80,000 repairs as specified in the past 12 months.


Our advanced works management platform supports key processes at every project stage, helping diagnose, schedule and manage responsive activity, and provide a pool of information to measure progress and performance.


We take a holistic view of innovation across product, process and people; helping our customers meet their challenges by continuously exploring new ways to improve efficiency while enhancing performance. 


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