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Apprenticeships are fundamental to sustaining the success of our business. They offer a structured pathway to the essential trade and management skills we require for the future. Many of our senior staff began their careers as apprentices, and today we’re committed to providing the same opportunities for the next generation. Up to 10% of our workforce are apprentices or part of a sponsored work placement programme; bright young people building the foundations of a rewarding long-term career.

Hands on experience

Our apprentices follow specialist or multi-trade programmes, working towards a nationally recognised qualification. It’s a great way to get started. As an apprentice you’ll earn while you learn, combining practical work experience with formal academic training. Typically our apprentices spend one or two days each week at college learning the theory. The rest of the time you’ll be part of our team, developing core skills in a working environment under the supervision of an experienced trade mentor.

Apprenticeships and the community

Apprenticeships offer a vital first step into the world of work. By working closely with local schools and colleges to provide apprenticeships and work placements we’re proud to be making a contribution to the communities we operate in, creating opportunity and building a legacy that outlasts our immediate work.

Starting your career

To register your interest or discover more about opportunities for apprenticeships at the MD Group, please contact:

Dawn Dean
0117 9664466


To discover more about employment opportunities with our company contact Dawn Dean:

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