Our People

Our business is built on the pride and the passion of those we work with.

We’re fortunate enough to have attracted some of the most skilled and dedicated people in our industry. We expect a great deal from them, at all levels of the company; commitment, responsibility, diligence and integrity.

In return we’re equally committed to providing a friendly and supportive culture where those from all backgrounds are able to realise their full potential. We’re formally accredited as an Investor in People, recognising our focus on training, development, employee engagement and communication.

Almost all of our staff live in the local communities where we operate - skilled, local people with local knowledge and experience. It’s an approach that means MD Group employees have a deep vested interest in the services they provide.

"In order to be successful at MD you need to take real pride in the quality of your work. You need to be ambitious and have the confidence to believe in achieving your goals. You need to be ready to develop your skills, take on challenges that stretch you, and contribute to a team, supporting others as you expect them to support you."
Russell Grainge - Operations Manager Exeter.

Leadership Team

Steve Devlin
Group Managing Director
Sean Cooper
Group Chairman
Brian Daintith
Finance Director


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